The use of special characters (Ää, Öö, Üü, ß, &. % etc.) or blanks, especially for the fields "Issue" and "Page" (Review-Input), may cause errors. (even though blanks will be erased after entering)

- The listing of replies should be sorted chronologically. But! after editing replies, the sorting is got mixed up.
Browsing related replies still runs incorrect, due to a false thunk.

- Although an archive is integrated and running, a full-text search is planed.
Programming further browse & search functions is still in progress.

- A listing of replies with threads is not implemented yet.The necessity will be discussed.

The whole code was tested under a windows-system for IE 5.0< and Netscape 6=<.

The sites will generated by PERL-codes with linked databases. All sites are running on a special server located in Germany (www.baseportal.com).
At the moment the used software packet is free and without any space limitations or ads (apart from a "powered by..."-line at the bottom of the sites).
The free packet does not offer any file uploads, own automatic backups or email services (i.g. an automatic email to the editor after adding a new reply). But I did choose it, because the handling is very easy and without necessity of any technical configurations.
The administration of the mentioned server (more than 76000 users worldwide) and the support are good (open forum, email).
Webhosting services, supporting baseportal, or baseportal-lincences, for own hosting, are available.

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