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Dr. Peter F. Biehl
"New Media - New Perspectives in Archaeology / Neue Medien - Neue Perspektiven für die Archäologie"
Session at the 7th annual meeting of the EAA
"New tools for virtual archaeology"
Dr. Francesca Cantone (Naples)&
Dr. Franco Niccolucci (Florence)
Affiliation:University of Naples "Federico II" / Italy
University of Florence / Italy
The archaeological use of the Internet has been as yet mostly related to popularization and education, with an increasing attention also to scientific applications. The latter might be significantly improved by using XML, the Next-Generation web standard. As it well known, XML is a framework for the definition of specialized markup languages which is increasingly used in commercial and businnes applications and looks very promising for the management of archaeological and historical data as well. In this field, a number of experimental systems have so far been developed, some of which by the authors, and they will be reviewed and discussed in the paper. A special attention will be devoted to X3D (Extensible 3D), a 3D graphics specification integrated with XML which is the forthcoming standard for web-compliant virtual reality, currently under development by an international committee. The archaeological use of X3D will allow more effective virtual archaeological models, featuring also the management of unstructured data, as it will be shown in the lecture on some case-studies. Such innovative ways of managing and communicating the archaeological record, which include sharing information and virtual manipulation, involve methodological aspects that deserve attention and will be proposed for discussion.
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