Projekte unter der Leitung von
Dr. Peter F. Biehl
"New Media - New Perspectives in Archaeology / Neue Medien - Neue Perspektiven für die Archäologie"
Session at the 7th annual meeting of the EAA
"The Democratization of Multimedia Technology: multimedia authoring in the archaeology classroom"
Prof. Dr. Ruth Tringham
Affiliation:University of California Berkeley / USA
This will be a demonstration and discussion of the incorporation of multimedia/hypermedia authoring and the creation of "new media" into the students' learning experience in archaeology, as we practice it in the Multimedia Authoring Center for Teaching in Anthropology (MACTiA) ( at the University of California, Berkeley. We believe that through students' active participation in multimedia technology we can more successfully put into practice the difficult pedagogic task of fostering critical thinking in archaeology and creativity in the construction of archaeological knowledge and interpretation. I will demonstrate that multimedia authoring in the hands of students takes us much further in the creation of 21st century archaeological education than could be achieved by the "passively interactive" use of New Media products alone.
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