Notched Implements made of Scapulae - still a Problem (Abstract)
by Andreas Northe, in: Crafting Bone: Skeletal Technologies through Time and Space Proceedings of the 2nd meeting of the (ICAZ) Worked Bone Research Group, Budapest, 31 August – 5 September 1999 edited by Alice M. Choyke and László Bartosiewicz. BAR S937 2001.

The assemblage of a few neolithic and early bronze age cultures of central Europe often contains bone implements with notched or sharpened working edge, almost exclusive made of cattle shoulderblades. A closer look at the literatur reveals, that the artefacts are not limited to certain neolithic and bronze age cultures, but are broader spread in time and space.

In contrast to the frequent appearance in settlements, the objects seem to be underrepresented in graves.

The interpretation as a tool for flax hackling is the common interpretation. Exact analysises, in particular usewear analysises reveal, however, a use for skin an tendon dressing is more probably.