Projekte unter der Leitung von
Dr. Peter F. Biehl
"New Media - New Perspectives in Archaeology / Neue Medien - Neue Perspektiven für die Archäologie"
Session at the 7th annual meeting of the EAA
"TroiaVR: A Virtual Reality Model of Troy and the Troad"
Dr. Peter Jablonka &
Jordi Serangeli M.A.
Affiliation:Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen / Germany
Ever since Heinrich Schliemann's effort to discover the reality behind the stories told by Homer archaeologists have been excavating at Troy. Since 1987 scholars and scientists from many different fields and countries join efforts in an interdisciplinary project with a broader aim: They study the development of Troy and the surrounding landscape - both human history and the evolution of the natural environment.
The results of this and similar projects are usually presented in printed publications. While number, scope and size of individual contributions have become extensive, a general perspective has become increasingly difficult to grasp. Nevertheless we must utilize all the information available.
A way to make our data "fall into place" is the creation of a three-dimensional computer model. Since most data has a spatial component, the information can be visualized and combined in various ways.
As a research tool we need more. What we want is a system that enables us to create and manipulate visualizations, and interfaces to access them in a user-friendly way. Thus we can integrate results from different fields into one consistent picture in a way that cannot be accomplished by printed reports.
From such a working model high-end presentations can be derived to meet the growing demand for archaeologists to communicate results to the public. Virtual reality allows users to interact with the system and move around in real time. This technology can be used at museums or exhibitions, and in media like film and TV.
Archaeologists do not have the resources to build such a system alone. By means of a two-year cooperation with partners from the industry virtual Troy should become real. It is hoped that work in this field may become profitable, and new work opportunities for archaeologists will be created.
Our presentation will summarize the progress that has been made during the first six months of the project.
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