Projekte unter der Leitung von
Dr. Peter F. Biehl
"New Media - New Perspectives in Archaeology / Neue Medien - Neue Perspektiven für die Archäologie"
Session at the 7th annual meeting of the EAA
Organisation/organisersPeter F. Biehl (Halle),
Stefanie Samida (Tübingen) &
Jörg Wicke (Halle)
Veranstaltung/meeting:Session at the 7th annual meeting of the European Association of Archeologists 2001
Ort/place: Esslingen am Neckar / Germany
Datum/date: 18.-23. September 2001
Block: II: Archaeology of today: Theoretical and methodological perspectives
Thema der Sitzung / The Session´s Abstract
Teilnehmer / Contributors
Cecil Breton (Paris)"Nouvelles technologies et diffusion grand public: les effets réels d'un outil virtuel"
Francesca Cantone (Naples) &
Franco Niccolucci (Florence)
"New tools for virtual archaeology"
Miriam Noël Haidle (Tübingen)"New multimedia perspectives in communicating archaeology: the gap between technical possibilities and contents"
Peter Jablonka &
Jordi Serangeli (Tübingen)
"TroiaVR: A Virtual Reality Model of Troy and the Troad"
Stefanie Samida (Tübingen)"On the virtualization of archaeological museums in the Internet: the Museum Schloss Hohentuebingen of the University of Tuebingen. "
Martin Schaich (Altenthann)"3D-measurement and archeological information system Computer based methods for the documentation of archaeological excavations"
Ruth Tringham (Berkeley)"The Democratization of Multimedia Technology: multimedia authoring in the archaeology classroom"
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